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NINE is India's first writer-led band, which brings together established Bollywood artistes creating music which reflects the soul of modern India in its writing, compositions and themes. It sings Bollywood hits written and rendered by its members. It also creates non-Bollywood songs to reflect our aspirations and angst. It shrugs off heartbreak and deals with longing in a very contemporary way; it dives into nostalgia; it is conversational and interactive.

From a college canteen to the doorstep in a forgotten homeland, its writing captures the aspirations of small towns, dreams of the metropolis, the changing face of the new India and the values of the old.

The band is in the process of producing their first album, Nine Lost Memories, which is expected out by year-end. The band will also perform live at concerts/shows across the country and overseas, starting with the prestigious Kala Ghoda Arts festival in Mumbai, one of India's biggest cultural events.

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